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Well, I looked at Gabriel- boyfriend/fiancé/babydaddy- and I asked him, "so babe, whats the next step." Aside from my non- existent ad budget, what else can I do to improve my business and drive sales? Am I making product styles that people will like? Am I hitting the market -whatever that means-? What more can I be doing? So many questions on how to be a small, and I mean SMALL business owner trying to build traction... I've asked multiple times and each time his answer is the same, awful answer; a blog. WOOF. Me writing? No, No, No, No, No, and No. Yet, here I am being such the writer I knew I had in me. I'm offiially here to tell you my "why".

But first, I will start with the "who"- me. For those that don't know me, My name is Ashli Dodd. I am a mother, girlfriend/fiancé/babymomma, and a University of Utah graduate with a VERY useful degree in Anthropology accompanied by a health emphasis with minors in Chemistry and Human Biology. I feel the need to add the minors because it prefaces my next segment on how I almost became a Dentist. So, bare with me as my writing is horrific and NO one knows how I got through what was basically a theoretical writing degree.

First and foremost, I am a mother. A mother who tries really hard to be a good being 100% perfect ;) ALL the time and providing the best of life to a tiny human who will only know what life I give. No pressure, though. Ari is my little guy's name and being the best kid ever is his game.... I tell you he melts me with every single smile. Actually though, I cry daily and its a problem. My little human has been my main priority lately. Its been great but I will admit, I never thought my life would look this way. But I can't say I'd have it any other way. 

I've been out of school and had the intent to take the DAT (dental admission test) with whatever motivation I could conjure. Long story short, I paid a visit to my pre-professional advisor and she pretty much informed me of my own emotions of being totally drained and done with school for now. I guess she saw it in my blue under eye bags? Anyway, during this time of identity crisis I learned that being a mom is freaking awesome. Babies don't keep, ya know? And I have enjoyed this time greatly. BUT I also like having goals and have always had a drive to excel. I cannot be stir crazy any longer. So as I was casually, and naturally, surfing pinterest (as all basic mommies do) I saw some polymer clay earrings. How cool.... I liked the way they looked so I went to the craft store and bought some clay. I watched some youtube and got that shiz bakin'! Before you knew it, my inner 8th grade self was reliving glory days from ceramics class with one of the worst teachers I'd ever had. The options are endless and I have had so much fun ever since. I decided to really dive in and start the business, the whole shah-bang.

And HERE WE ARE, MØDERN CLAY ya'll. Why not make things that are pretty and try to be good at it? I'm doing my best, and if I can pay some school debt off faster while I'm at it, then I'm really living the dream.

So, to summarize, I realized that being a dentist was not the "end all, be all" of my life and it certainly is NOT a dead dream either. Just on hold for the moment. For now I am just a mom runnin' a side hustle, gonna pay some school debt in the mean time. So, if you've made it this far, I LITERALLY LOVE YOU. And, thank you for your support... It seriously means so much to me and I hope you know what an impact you have on me and my family. #shoplocal #shopsmallbusiness

Thanks for reading-


Ashli Dodd